Effort Wellactive Private Limited – Subsidiary of Team Effort International, Corporate Headquarters, San Ramon, California

Effort Wellactive Private Limited (India)(henceforth referred to as “EWPL”) is a Subsidiary Company of Team Effort International LLC, US. In Compliance of the Direct Selling Guidelines, 2016 the Company Team Effort International LLC, registered its subsidiary “EWPL” in India pursuant to the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 and having registered office in the Country Capital Delhi i.e. House No. 302, Bldg No. A-10A-10/11 Commercial Complex, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi -110009.

It is to be noted that all the products and services of Team Effort International LLC will be distributed through EWPL only in India. Further, EWPL is a Conveyance Company of Team Efforts International LLC for doing the business in India and to distribute the products and services, collect the payments and fulfilling the compliances of law of land only.

EWPL begin with modulating our processes, practices and services to keep in line with the newly introduced guidelines for Direct Selling by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs in the year, 2016.

Our Story

Team Effort Network (TEN) is the newest division of Team Effort International, a highly successful and proven global 14-year-old company in the Direct Selling Industry.

The story of Team Effort International is one of passion, magic and dreams!

We started our first division in the technology industry, being on the cutting edge of and being part of revolutionizing the video streaming industry worldwide for consumers. One day in late 2010, one of our customers came to us with a technology idea : liquid vitamins in a spray delivery system. Or simply, spray vitamins! We were intrigued by this unique ‘technology’ for health and nutrition products. Fascinated by this technology idea for health & wellness … we embarked upon researching the possibilities of this unique and revolutionary delivery system called spray vitamins. After a lot of research and meeting with scientists and formulators, we were fascinated by the power and convenience of liquid oral spray technology.

ten-logo-aboutThey say timing is everything.

While all of this research was in progress, coincidentally one day in early 2011 when the Founders went to their children’s annual doctors appointment… The doctor said “Your kids should start taking vitamin D for optimal health”.

Amie Gill (Co Founder) was stunned to hear a medical doctor talk about all natural vitamin supplements when usually medical doctors only discuss pharmaceutical medicine.

So naturally, as a parent she went to get vitamin D for the children ; however what she found was either “hard to swallow” pills and tablets or bad tasting liquid drops or sugar-filled, chewy, gummy vitamins. She was frustrated about how difficult it was to find all-natural, effective, tasty and convenient vitamins. Then she remembered samples given by the formulators and scientists. Right at home on a cabinet was the sample of oral spray vitamins with a vitamin D spray.

A WOW moment! Tasty, convenient, all-natural and easy to use! 

Upon realizing the power of this the Founders said to themselves 2 main things:
1. Millions of people can benefit from this
2 . We must bring this to the market

They knew right then that it was their destiny to embark upon this mission of a unique new delivery system for nutrition and wellness products! The rest is history! Fast forward a few years, and here we are today:

  • A line of ultra-premium liquid spray vitamins
  • With thousands upon thousands of customers and product results and testimonies.

Since launch we have come out with product after product and all these have followed our principle of convenience. In keeping with our vision and mission of Making Great Health Convenient, we recently launched our line of superfoods based, nutritional drink mixes. Tasty, all-natural, effective and convenient!

Our story is just beginning! 


About Mel and Amie Gill

Mel and Amie Gill entered the Direct Selling Industry in 1989, when the industry had not yet hit critical mass. Their local business soon took them global, experiencing huge success with stellar business growth in Australia, Thailand, Japan, and Canada. Having their own lucrative international business in their early twenties was the springboard for further global success in Europe and Asia.

Mel and Amie are passionate about this industry, and this shows in the results that their accomplishments have created. Not just for themselves, but thousands of people across the globe.

Mel and Amie’s passion is the driving force behind the company and the future direction of growth.