As an Independent Distributor you can earn the retail profits from selling wholesale to retail. Retail customers are an essential and important foundation of a successful organization. This can be very lucrative profit source that is immediate. Retail Sales allow you to earn income by purchasing the T.E.N. products at the wholesale price and selling them at a retail price of your choosing. There is no limit to how much you can sell.

Approximately 20% to 30% profit.

Getting started and earning immediate income from helping others is simple. A $10 – $225 Fast start Bonus is paid on the sales volume generated by the personal sales of the initial getting started product packages that personally sponsored distributors may elect to purchase. There is no limit to the amount you can earn in Fast Start Bonuses.

A $25 – $50 Team Builder Bonus is paid on the sales volume generated by the sales of the initial Getting started Product Packages. This bonus is paid to the first Qualified Team Builder above a personal enrolled representative in the line of the sponsorship. Expand your team by personally enrolling new representatives and teaching them to do the same.

This kind of duplication can really boost your income, as this income is paid weekly and there is no limit to how many Fast Start and Team Builder Bonuses you can receive – it’s great incentive to create team momentum.

Special Executive Leadership bonus~ This is a special one time bonus to award you for your first step in leadership. As soon as you achieve Executive status you will be paid a $100 – $200 Executive Bonus. You receive the Executive Bonus as soon as you help 2 personally sponsored Distributors, one on your left sales team and one on your right team, achieve Team Builder status. More incentive to help others, and to teach them to do the same.

Each time your team generates sales volume of 720 WSV ( weekly sales volume) on left or right sales team and 360 WSV on the other team, regardless of which team has the greater or lesser volume; you will earn a commission cycle.

Each time this happens, you will receive $100 in team commissions plus up to an additional $50 global rewards check match bonus ( see number 5). Each day, our computer searches your team legs for volume that has accumulated as a result of product sales. Representatives can earn up to $150 every time they create 720 WSV/360 WSV earning up to $5000 per day to reach a potential maximum of $50,000 per week.

Each week Team Efforts Network takes the sales volume generated during that week and puts it into a special bonus pool. Those representatives who achieve a commission cycle will benefit from this bonus pool by receiving a reward check match bonus of up to 50% in addition to the cycle payout, for a total of up to $150 per cycle ($100 per cycle bonus+ $50 per cycle check math bonus).

Get started and earn true residual income with a 3:6 cycle ratio for your Binary monthly, you will achieve a cycle bonus of USD $25.00 per cycle. Every time a product is reordered product points are attached. Using a Basic Pak Autoship recorder, a $25 cycle is earned on a 3:6 ratio. An exciting part of the compensation program is that as other product Pak Autoships are reordered, such as the Diamond Pak Autoship, the points are double making it a ratio 1.5:3; thus increasing the earning potential even more! Potential maximum is $150,000 per month.  The maximum on this bonus is $150,000 per month. *This requires you to be active with an active monthly product order.



PSV = Personal Sales Volume – The volume accumulated by your personal purchase of products and/or your retail customers sales.

WSV = Weekly Sales Volume – The volume accumulated from the sales of all specially bundled/priced product packages. (The Team Effort Network Packages)

All sales volume generated from sales of the TheTeam Effort Network Packages is applied to the Weekly Team Commissions Plan. All sales volume generated from monthly product subscriptions is applied to the Monthly Team Commissions Plan.

GSV = Group Sales Volume – Volume accumulated by your teams purchase of products and/or their retails sales.

Active Status Maintenance – To qualify for team commissions and retain group sales volume simply maintain your active monthly subscription. If you do not maintain active status, you will not be eligible to hold volume that you have stored.

Producer – When you enroll 1 representative who achieves the title of Active you move up to Producer status. Once you achieve this level you are qualified to hold volume in that particular sales team as long as you remain active.

Team Builder – Achieve Team Builder status as soon as you help 2 personally enrolled representatives, one on the left sales team and one on the right sales team, create sales orders of at least 120 PSV. You are then qualified to hold volume in the Weekly Commission Plan on either left or right team as long as you remain active. Maintain your Team Builder status as long as you and your 2 personally enrolled remain active. To maintain Team Builder status in the Monthly Team Commissions Plan, you must remain active with a monthly subscription and your 2 personally enrolled must remain active with a monthly subscription.

Monthly Binary Matrix – You will need to initiate a monthly subscription to be active in the Monthly Binary Matrix. Maintaining a rank of Team Builder along with your monthly subscription will allow you to continually earn in the The Monthly Binary Matrix.

Income Statement: The earnings stated in this website are not necessarily representative of the typical income or profit, if any, that a Distributor can or will earn through his or her participation in the Team Effort Network Dual Core Double Binary Compensation Plan. The success of a Distributor will depend on personal efforts, including, but not limited to, skill and time invested in developing the business. Team Effort Network does not guarantee any level of income or success.