Prelaunch Special Promotions



TEN Life Exotic Trip

Destination Indonesia

Qualifications and Rules:

  • Sign up 3 new representatives on the TENergy Starter Pack ($250) or TENergy Power Pack and help each person become Team Builder.
  • You & your qualifying Team Must have Personal Monthly Volume Points (minimum 1 pt) for 3 months in a row.
  • You will need to have 1 in your  left team and 1 in you right team, the other can go in any side you choose.
  • Qualifying Dates are April 17th, 2017 thru May 10th, 2017
  • Trip Date is Aug 14th – Aug 17th 2017
  • You must be 21 years old to attend the event, no children are allowed at the event.
  • There are no transfers allowed of the promotion. Meaning a spouse can not go in your place. There will be no cash bonuses given in lieu of this trip.
  • Anyone not having a passport will not be able to attend the event.
  • Visas and Travel Insurance will be paid by each qualifying representative.
  • Incidentals at the hotel (minibar, premium cable channels, damage to hotel room) will be paid by each representative staying in that room. The company is not responsible for any of these charges.
  • No Presidents Club prizes will be given during this promotion. You can only receive ranks and titles during the promotion period.


Mega May Promotion


Simply qualify in the month of May with the new Monthly Binary 50/100 points and you are receiving a $500 bonus on top of all other commissions !