Sponsor 2 New Representatives (1 left and 1 Right) on any new TEN LIFE Power Pack(Perfect TEN, TENergy or 10XTEN) and you will Receive your very own TEN LIFE Power Pack of Your Choice for Free.

Rules & Regulations:

1) Qualifying Dates April 15th – April 30th  Extended to May 17th, 2017

2) For USA Reps Only

3) Promotion winners will receive their products 30 days after qualification is verified and approved.

4) All Reps must have an active auto-ship(1 pt minimum).

5) No volume is given on the Complimentary Power Pack for the Qualified Representative

6) Product prizes are not transferable

7) No Cash will be given in place of the Complimentary Power Pack

8) In the Event the TEN Life Power Pack is back ordered, your Complimentary Power Pack will be delivered once all paid orders are fulfilled.


Be a TEN Life Founders Club Member!

Sponsor 2 New Representatives (1 left and 1 Right) on any new TEN Life Power Pack and help each of them achieve the rank of Executive in the Weekly Binary Compensation Plan. Your TEN Lifestyle Bonus will be $1000 on top of all of our regular compensation bonuses.

Rules & Regulations:

1) Qualifying Dates – April 15th  – May 31st, 2017

2) USA Reps Only

3) All Members must have an active auto-ship as well(1 pt minimum).

4) All Members Must Sign up on any TenLife PowerPack

5) You May use your two reps from the Go TL 2 Promotion for your qualification.